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Boldings has 14 heavily stocked pools with a wide variety of fish, including Carp (common, mirror, ghost, crucian & hybrid) Bream, Tench, Barbel, Chub, Roach, Rudd and Perch. This usually means anglers get to enjoy a good 'mixed-bag' of fish, but even in less than ideal conditions, when some species may go off the feed, there are sure to be others ready and eager to take the bait!

Anyone wishing to have their catch featured in the gallery can send their photos and details (which can include name, date, pool, peg, method, weight) to the enquiries e-mail address.

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Fishing Pools Shropshire

14 Pools

Well-stocked pools suited to pleasure and match fishing

Fishing Pools Shropshire

Variety of Fish

A broad range of species for a real mixed-bag

Fishing Tackle Shop Shropshire

Hot Meals And More

Free parking, disabled access, toilet facilities, cafe...

Fishing Competitions Shropshire

Regular Open Matches

Including the popular and relaxed 'Affordable Open'