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The Chestnut

The Chestnut is one of the larger pools at Boldings with 40 pegs. It is a very popular water for club and open matches, but is often available for the pleasure angler to fish.

Although mainly stocked with various types of carp (up to over 22lb) the Chestnut can also produce some large catches of bream, up to around 4lb, along with a multitude of other species.

Popular 'feature' pegs of this pool include the island and the 'point', although any regular match angler will tell you that this is not a 'peggy' pool and can be won from anywhere. In fact all the pools are kept as evenly stocked as possible, so that when larger matches and events are hosted, it is almost impossible to tell where the winning weight will come from. This has proved to be true when Boldings has hosted rounds of 'FishO'Mania -  each year, different pools and pegs have produced the winning weight. In fact, in the competions' first year, Chestnut 40 almost slipped under the radar of the Sky TV cameras when it produced a superb weight, narrowly beating Beech peg 30.

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