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Boldings Pools Rules

No keepnets, except in matches.

Barbless hooks only, max size 10.

No groundbait, hemp or liquidised baits. No method feeder.

No bloodworm, joker, nuts or boilies.

No chopped worm. (Does not apply to club matches or pleasure anglers).

No braided line.

No clouding of the water with dyes.

No fishing more than 1/2 way between nearest angler.

No raking of swim.

No bungee.

Floats must not be held above the water.

Only Boldings fishery pellets can be loose fed. Any hookers may be used, but not loose fed.

No loud swearing or shouting allowed.

Meat, paste and bread on the hook only - no loose feeding of these baits.

2 nets to be used when over 50lb; if you are lucky enough to catch over 100lb, spread evenly between both nets. Anyone weighing over 60lb with only one net in use will be deducted 1/2 of any excess.

Pole only on Hawthorns, Stock, Middle & Deepdale. (Open matches only).

Fish must be landed within 1m of your peg (matches).

A landing net must be used on all fish over 4oz.

Maximum of 5 pints of maggots and castors combined.

30 minutes allowed to land fish after end of match.

All fish to be handled with care and returned to the water safely. (No standing with fish for photographs).

No rolling the fish down keepnets; reach through for handles or swim fish to the top of the net.

To help prevent any possible spread of disease, landing nets and keepnets must be spread out on the bank and dried out before use.

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